For high quality beef with practically no food miles, Camcattle cannot be beaten.



Farmed by vet Angelika von Heimendahl, husband and wife Chris, and Jen Myers, the Camcattle herd has flourished from five to one hundred glossy, chestnut-coloured Red Poll cattle - one of the oldest breeds in East Anglia.

jen with new calf


Our cattle have become an everyday city sight on Cambridge's many commons and meadows, where they are free to wander, sleep, and feed as they please. This provides the conscientious consumers of Cambridge with the rare opportunity to see exactly where their beef comes from, and the high quality of the cattles' lives.

Unlike supermarket beef, the Camcattle herd are matured slowly and the beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks to bring out the best possible flavour without the aid of antibiotics or growth promoters. This approach results in a dark, well-marbled, flavoursome beef that is a popular choice for butchers and diners alike.


Our customer base has steadily grown and we are always heartened by our customers who return with appreciative comments. For us, this is what it is all about. It makes the early mornings in all weathers worthwhile!


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